PJ Who?

PJHustle is a corporation leader of a 400 member renter corporation which has a diverse nationality within its membership.  He started his journey in New Eden back in 2008 and has been in many different areas supporting people wherever he goes.

He returned to New Eden after a dark period of several years to join with some friends who was renting at the time and quickly connected with the community. It was this point where he would decide to lead his own corporation in the hopes, he could support players from all over and help them experience aspects of eve they may not have been able to alone.

FAYN Industries was created in YC120 from his passion to help, support and grow a whole community of players who were struggling to find a place to call home. Since then PJHustle has been striving towards feeding his community the content they desire which ranges from small groups learning how to PVP and the obligatory PVE activities. He found purpose and fulfilment within a small community.

PJHustle is just a character in a space game played by a regular guy infatuated with a fictional world with landscapes that are built by players, in communities bound by character beliefs, politics and eve as simple as the flags they paint on their ships (metaphorical of cause #AllianceSkins). It is this diverse and unique player-base that keeps him logging in everyday, playing the 17 year old game like thousands of others with a passion that grew even more once he stepped into the world of player meets.

(This may or may not be where Bris Rubal gave me his script for “How to win any CSM’ as I stand next to him)

My Story

Ok so my story in eve online started like many others in a different space game that was played online with others. It was the first experience I really had with MMO’s and the community of that game got me hook. Unfortunately, dramatic changes in the games core mechanics destroyed the game almost overnight, yeah that’s right Star Wars Galaxies Online (SWOG).

I had built my own town in SWOG had multiple accounts doing all different trades and career paths so I could try everything out when I wanted. Sadly, the community died rapidly in this game and it left a few of us looking for other games. I followed some RL friends of mine into this hardcore space game where you could die and loose not just your ship and items but your progress if you weren’t careful, always remember to upgrade your clones!

I tried this out and man I sucked, I couldn’t get it I spent more time watching videos on how to do things than playing so I didn’t sub. Instead I ran back to back trial accounts for ages trying to master some techniques of making money in the game so I could get into all the cool things my buddies were flying. They left but I continued I didn’t want to be beaten until finally I subbed and created PJHustle back in 2008.

I played for two years or so but my friends had stopped playing and I couldn’t find an active group to play with. No one wanted to use the in-game voice server to talk….I ended up leaving the game for good as it just wasn’t the same without people to play with.

Yeah so I came back to the game after a friend from another game said he was going to go back to eve online, “I had a character I think I remember what email it was on let me try and gain access and I will come back with you.” Reactivated, still sucked but this time I had an active group to chat with, so it wasn’t bad at all. I took a helpful role in the corporation and started to recruit, find players lost and looking for a place to call home and ask them questions to see if we are what they are looking for. 9 years after I created my character, I had finally started playing EVE Online!

(PJHustle sandwiched between two of his directors in Amsterdam)

This is where I know what I wanted to do, I wanted to create a family, a community of players who like me was once lost and without a community to associate with, a family. Man, I loved this process of building a corporation from the ground up. It was tough, challenging and time consuming but wow was it rewarding. We quickly grew into a large industrial corporation renting space so we could do what we loved to do, oh yeah people actually enjoy mining!

We found our place in the universe and was content, we even set our roots in by building and anchoring our self-built Keepstar, for some this is not an achievement for me this was a statement. Each member contributed their time, effort and resources to this project for nothing, there was no reward other than having our efforts anchored in space for all to see. This project was what really made me start to see the online community in a deeper, richer light.

The Initiative BBQ @ Brighton

An opportunity came for me to attend the very first player meeting I would go to in London, what a game changer. I met some amazing people and found myself yet again set on a path due to the community. From that point onwards I wanted to server a wider community which included my corporation and now wider alliance.

The Initiative arranged an alliance meeting at Brighton and I was lucky enough to be able to attend. I saw the MC shirts at eve London prior to this meeting and I wanted our alliance to have something like this and asked if there was interest in such shirts. This was a bigger task that what I had anticipated as a greater majority of the people going wanted a shirt and even some who wasn’t going ordered shirts. Between this event EVE Vegas, EVE London 2019 and even some smaller ones in Amsterdam and Toronto I made over 150 shirts for our alliance. The logistical challenge of this was tough but I managed to get everyone their orders and only had positive feedback.

(First batch of INIT Polo Shirts)

Those moment where you do something for someone, and you see the appreciation is why I am now a Candidate for CSM 15. I have played the game, first serving my corporation, then my alliance and now I want to grow it further into the eve community. I want to gather those players like me who log in everyday to play THEIR game and be part of something, a corporation, an alliance, a community, contributor to economy, or anything at all within New Eden.

What you can expect from PJHustle

In the real world I live in the UK and am lucky enough to have my own business where I can be as flexible as I need for any of my other commitments. I work hard on all things that are bearing my name, each task completed to the best of my ability. I am not an impulsive in my responses and prefer to make sure I have data and facts behind my response rather than shooting from the hip and misrepresenting the people who are relying on me to be their representative.

I will always take a step back and look at a wider perspective, searching for all non surfaces areas that may be affected. I will work hard each day, on each task with the aim to give EVE players the best possible outcome for the entire game.

I may not play in your area, I may not fly your flag but I am part of this community and like you I care for it and the game it has surrounded.

Coming together is a Beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success”
– Henry Ford

The Community is our best retention tool, lets put more focus on retention methods we know work
– PJHustle

Let’s make CSM 15 a success!